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Watch this 1 Hour Training Webinar "Pinterest for Realtors" and learn the following 10 Quick Tips For Realtors Using Pinterest to Grow Their Business:

1. Share High Quality Images / Graphics – Remember Pinterest is visually oriented.

2. Make Your Boards Interesting – Use popular categories like Home Décor, “neighborhood” photos, Gardening Tips, etc.

3. Showcase Your Listings – Use those great photos! Don’t forget to add links!

4. Don’t Promote Yourself Too Much/Focus On Sharing Helpful Information

5. Ask Your Clients to Pin Photos Of Themselves In Their New Homes (Have Them Tag You)

6. Don’t Forget Videos!

7. Encourage Engagement! – Pinterest is just like Facebook & Twitter. You want likes and comments and tags!

8. Optimize Your Descriptions – Use keywords. Pinterest supports #Hashtags too!

9. Be Consistent

10. Don’t Forget to Let People Know You Are On Pinterest

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