So chances are, you have loads of valuable stuff laying around the house that you aren’t using. You also probably have some sweet skills that aren’t being fully utilized.

The question is: how to connect said skills and excess worldly possessions to passionate people who need them the most, without endless hours of weekend-war- yard-sales, craigslist autobots, ebay bidders from Timbuktu... you know what, let’s just leave money out of it COMPLETELY.

What we’re talking about is bartering: a simple method of exchanging goods and services without the use of money. Bartering’s been around for thousands of years, with today’s advancements in e- commerce and social networks, we can take this age-old custom and completely revolutionize it.

Introducing ABARTERWORLD.COM, an online marketplace that connects you and your goods and services with others, to create a vast network of endless bartering possibilities, without spending a dime.

Take Bob here: Bob’s a landscaper who has an unworldly collection of Van Halen albums, some sweet ski gear his kids outgrew, and an extra windshield to the 84’ IROC his wife keeps nagging him sell. Bob logs on to ABARTERWORLD.COM, creates his user profile and simply uploads his unwanted items to his inventory. He also tags a few items he’s looking for, and updates his skills & services as a landscape artist. Bob is immediately connected to Sally, who happens to own the Salon down the street and wants some ski gear for her sons birthday. They make a deal, Sally’s son gets new ski gear, Bob’s wife gets a gift certificate to the salon... and maybe, just maybe, Bob gets to keep the IROC for one more summer.

Sounds like a happy ending, but here’s the catch... this amazing website doesn’t exist yet. But that’s where you come in! We need to raise a little money so our great team at SF web can build the site. And of course, all the legal mumbo jumbo.

Help us, help you. Donate today so we can all make the most of ourselves and what we truly have to offer. ABARTERWORLD.COM, A barter system for a better world.”

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