It's Day Three of Cyber Security Awareness Week 2013 (29 May) so sit back and watch 'Operation Wardrive', a crack unit of 2 who scan New Zealand suburbs for unsecured wireless routers and offer advice on using strong encryption.

If you’re using a wireless router at home or work it pays to use strong encryption - look for WPA2 - and a long, complex passphrase to avoid others stealing your data or bandwidth.

If you leave your Wi-Fi connection open, neighbours and passersby can surf for free using your data allowance or download illegal content through your account.

And remember, if you use your computer or smartphone on public Wi-Fi hotspots, you are potentially sharing your information with others on that network. Think twice before using free Wi-Fi connections to bank, buy things, or read sensitive emails.




We explored wireless security in 3 NZ cities and picked a winner and loser based on encryption standards used.


Many thanks to the Trade Me seller who kindly rented his classic gullwing Toyota Sera to us as a prop. We hope you enjoy this tribute to 80s cop shows.

Thanks also go to Tony Burrows at Motion Pacific ( for his hard work on all 5 videos for CSAW 2013.

CSAW 2013 is supported by Google, HP, Image Centre Group, Microsoft, Sophos, Symantec, Telecom, Trade Me -

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