Nassim & Oriol were my 15 years old students in secondary high school IES Creu de Saba from Olesa de Montserrat in Barcelona (Península Ibérica) during my turbulent last course as a math teacher in the catalan public education system 2011-2012.

After a beautiful sequence of events they (plus another little kid called Nil at drums) actually became the first band to ever support voluntary and by loving-will any of my own songs (which they found on the internet and learned completely without my intervention).

The fifteen minutes mini-pureRNR-gig we offered (two White Stripes covers and a right-on-the-spot improvised "I don't mind") during the Xmas Festival at the school gim was a stunning unconventional situation for that community, and also protected the kids from being not respected as artists and musicians only because they are loud and non-academical.

In a very paralel story as the "School of Rock" film (i was also kicked out from my former band which I was absolute founder, etc.) playing with them in such circumstances was a priceless healing life experience and watching them grow a lifetime long gift.

Here they are attending to my invitation for my goodbye gig-jam with musician friends in Barcelona (most of them professional) and letting themselves share with us their natural talent producing a document that will never repair the never good explained lack of any recording of the legendary Xmas gig. I still hope it was really accidental. Otherwise would be so so stupid.

For discovering why we both three are using the same wristband just check the full story here in this LINK (soon available).

SabaRockers Forever!

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