Did you see the previous film we did for Gröna Lund? That was a teaser for their new attraction Eclipse and this is the official launch film.

This ride is really something out of the ordinary. With its 121 meters Eclipse is the highest starflyer in the world. To get the plates to show this, we needed to get up in the air as well. Or at least the camera did. To pull this off we used a quadrocopter with a mounted Red Scarlet camera.

Luckily we managed to synchronize the shoot with great weather. We also got airborn at the exact right time, giving us plates with just the lighting and feel we hoped for.

The tower itself is full-CG throughout the entire film. Though the film is just 30 seconds the different shots required us to use a wide range of tricks like creating camera projected backplates, body doubles and particles to add the magic.

Making a film with such a classic fairground theme in combination with the strong cinematic atmosphere made this project something we really enjoyed doing.

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