This is part 9 out of 12 Conflictology TV series. Deep Democracy Institute leaders Drs. Max and Ellen Schupbach demonstrate Process Work on Russian Television. This work is focused on a professional therapist who is meeting the challenge to combine her family life with the work life and certain expectations from both sides.

Max and Ellen are recognized consultants, psychologists, coaches, conflict facilitators on personal, team, organizational, national and international levels in small and big groups up to 1000 people. Max and Ellen are the co-founders of the Deep Democracy Institute, the global leadership thinktank in the USA, Africa, Palestine, Ukraine, Poland, Holland, Spain, Russia, Kazakhstan, Brazil, and Ecuador. Together with Arnold and Amy Mindell Max is the co-founder of the processwork psychology.

If you would like to experience Processwork and Deep Democracy approaches personally, you can find inner work exercises for working with conflicts or other disturbances on the Deep Democracy Institute (DDI) websites. Also, welcome to join one of our learning programs worldwide:

DDI International
DDI Russia
DDI Ukraine
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