this is my very first motion picture. the concept came to be as a means of learning to use the canon t1i and imovie 11, for creating motion pictures. action figures, bobble-heads and windup characters are shot in a combination of stills & stop motion stills (16bit tiff) and 1080p 15fps. all studio setups utilize one or two florescent lights with softbox and 24" colored paper as the backgrounds (local art store). location setups are natural light, with white side of my grey card as fill reflector, where desired.

for this music video, the chicken arrived before the eggs. the action figure concept was decided upon, as a means of shooting and editing my first video, without too much complexity. all visuals were completed prior to selecting a music track. the title track - Skookin - was discovered via a creative commons music site ( - BTW, the vimeo music catalog had a few very close 2nd place options. i selected this particular track in part because it's 'openness' allowed a reasonable marriage with the preexisting visual concept. a big thanks to kenlo craqnuques for making this awesome song available for creative collaboration.

listen to more of kenlo's work here:

thanks very much for viewing my first motion picture. i hope you enjoy the visuals and great tune. feel free to tap your feet.

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