Australian Rollerblading Inline Skating DVD - Section 1 of 8. "Intro". By Brownbelt Productions.

Premiered @ NGV Federation Square theatre, Dec 19th 2003 to a capacity crowd of rollers.

The first DVD of the Melbourne Street scene, Brown Renegade was filmed over two years, with up to four cameras at a time. Featuring 8 sections of street comps, smashes, tricks and never again repeated stunts. Sold worldwide, this production had strictly limited availability to the masses, until now. We bring to you Brown Renegade online. Enjoy!

Reviewed in Daily Bread May 2004 – “If I had list ‘places where the grass is always greener,’ Australia would sit at the top. Why? Because videos like this show a place where people are having a damn good time touring around, throwing street competitions and looking to push their scene….”

Starring in order of appearance:
Kris Corvino
Joel Casagrande
Josh Clarke
Jordan Greer
Scott Farrall
Sam Fogarty
Hayden Watt
Gav Drumm
Tim Ward
Chris Pullar
Adam Vakulin
Mike Hack
Alex Davies
Phil Campbell
Paul Popata
Blake Dennis
Richard Taylor
Ian Brown
Marlon Mascarenhas
Justin Buchanan
Ryan Farrall
Ross Campbell
Matthew Dodos
Reece Jackson
Andy Walton
Tobias Maddog Reeh
Dave Jacob
Brock Midgley
Reuben Greer
Ed Kinder
Leon Collins
Shane Onus
Anthony Neylon
Rad White
Igor Markovich
Tom Sampson
Jake Gathercole
Simon Kirwan
Mick Marechal
Conrad Bizjak
Hayden Golder
Brian Milligan

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