In 2000, me and my pal Jesse Baun bought a video camera. It wasn't a digital video camera - we figured who needs a digital camera? 3 days later, at Ben Lee Skate Park in Kelowna BC, it was stolen after I left it under a park bench in a backpack.

A few days later, I had to pay Jesse the sum of $250 dollars - his share of the camera. It was a chunk of money for someone in grade 10.

A few days later on, my mom and dad asked me how much the camera was and said they'd be willing to replace it. I said "Well it was $500. But the one that I REALLY think would be best is a digital one, but it's $1200." My parents, thankfully, bought it for me.

Probably every day after that, me, Kai Nasby, Ryan Loerke, Jesse Baun, Tait McGuire, Bobby Graham and a whole other lot of fools would film every. single. day. Day or night. Nothing else mattered. In late March 2003, we premiered Dawn Till Dusk in the multipurpose room of Okanagan Mission Secondary School to about 120 people (though it was probably closer to 20, but felt like 120).

So, to the Rutland jack ass rollin' round in his hoody with $200 bucks in his pocket after pawning off our analog camera - thank you.

*I OWN NONE OF THE MUSIC. This isn't meant to have any copyright infringement. We're not making any dough off it. *

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