A mini documentary about a modern day shepherd with a sheep farm in my home county of Lancashire, England.

I filmed it with a Panasonic GH3 with a 12-35mm f2.8 lens, using Audio Technica shotgun and lavalier mice, together with a JuicedLink unit for direct audio into camera. It was all edited on Adobe Premier Pro CS6, with only minor adjustments in post.

It was a challenge shooting "run & gun" with the GH3, and most of the video was shot on wide aperture for this reason. It was a joy to be with Mark, the Shepherd, on his quad and seeing the British countryside at its best. My grateful thanks to him.

There were a few time lapses that were also shot in raw on the GH3 using the built in intervelometer, and exported out of Lightroom into sequenced JPEGS, that could then be simply imported to Premier. For what it's worth, here is how I manage raw time-lapse - not necessarily the right way, but how I did it. Lightroom provides a very easy workflow for working with raw time lapses. Simply image adjust one of the a raw images to your requirements and then afterwards select all the images for the time lapse, including the edited one, and click "sync settings". This will apply the same image adjustments made to the single file to all your selected raw files. Then simply export as full resolution jpegs as a numbered sequence. Finally, import into Premier by going to the JPEG folder, clicking the first file in the sequence, and ticking the "numbered sequence" box. Then import. Don't select all the images, or it won't work.

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