PEACE IN PHILADELPHIA (Philadelphia, April 2008)

produced and directed by E. Wood (music by Fancie)
camera by S. Kornhauser

Andy Baby as Fog Dog becomes aware of his death in a dream. His final action is one of forgiveness & generosity.
(Fog Dog Vol. I***)

Shawn Kornhauser, Nathaniel Holt, Roz Hunter, Leslie Salazar, K-Fai Steele, Astrid Danz, Jen Rice, Howard Kleeger, Jenny Richter, Stewart Trail, Ramsey Arnaoot, Sarah O'Donnell, Constance Mensh, Richard Lee Davis, Gavin Riley, Athena Llewellyn, Brendan Kellogg, Hilary Price, Lizz Thamm, Eliot Klein, The Dancers of Club Lifestyle, Catlan McClellan, Jake Anodide, Ben Ramsen, Dave Fishkin, Matt Gibson, Brendan O'Connor, Jamey Robinson

Many thanks to Adventure Island Studio and PIFAS (Philadelphia Institute for Advanced Study)

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