"Collections" is built on shot taken from documentaries and feature films from the archive.org movie database. All these movies have a public domain licence. Music comes the same website, and is released under creative commons licence.

The rise of huge movie and music databases, publicly available and reusable, gives the opportunity to build some new constructions on little segments, fragments from lost material. Such work is never purely independant from the source material (american movie films, with well identified genre for example), but in the same time, the action of extraction and the choice of the extracted elements si purely personal.

Collections is a piece of personal writing, using images and sounds from the collective memory.

The following source are use in this film :

-- movies --
Phantom of Chinatown
Killers from space
Carnival of Souls
Scarlet Street
The Man Who Knew Too Much 1934
Daughter of horror
Nightmare Castle
Beat the devil
Passenger 1955
D.O.A. 1949
Isle of Destiny

-- music --
Edwin Morris / The heart bowed down
Radio Astronomy

-- sounds --
Chris Marker / La Jetée
David Lynch / Mulholland Drive

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