A promo for the Smile Initiative and Katelyn Edwards' trip to Ghana, where she will be volunteering with the Smile Train to help children born with a cleft lip and palate.

Below is Katelyn's description:

"Doesn’t Everyone Deserve a Smile?

Impoverished children of the 3rd world, born with a cleft lip and palate, simply cannot smile, as they cannot afford the corrective surgery their defect necessitates. Fortunately, through the Smile Train, a donation of $250 translates to one free cleft surgery for a child in need. My name is Katelyn Edwards and my little brother Spencer was born with a cleft lip and palate. Thus, such a cause is dear to my heart. I plan to travel to Kumasi, Ghana this summer, interviewing and photographing on behalf of the Smile Train’s official website. Through my travels, I hope to bring awareness to an under-recognized humanitarian cause and bring smiles to those in need. Please support my travels and my Smile Initiative.

Thank you!"

The Smile Initiative

Directed by: Eric Langhoff

Cinematography and Editing by: Eric Langhoff

Written by: Katelyn Edwards

Graphic Design by: Keir Magoulas

Graphic Animation by: Eric Langhoff

Connor Cox
Katelyn Edwards
Spencer Edwards
Johanna Forsgren
Keir Magoulas
Maria Maluenda

"Believe In Your Dreams"
By: Francesco D'Andrea

Shot on the Canon 7D


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