This is Brian. I met him in Portsmouth over the weekend and we got to talking. Come to find out he's from Michigan, hitchhiked to Brunswick, ME and is skateboarding to Key West, FL with nothing but a board and a backpack with a few essentials. He just plans on meeting people along the road and couch surfing his way to Florida. He's skating for breast cancer and is trying to create as much hype as possible. I met up with him on Monday as he was skating down the New Hampshire coast and brought him to the Hampton skatepark. We skated for a bit then I brought him back down to the beach and joined him on his journey south for few miles to Hampton Beach where I bought him a soda and wished him well. I shot a small interview piece with him throughout the day where he talks about his past, why he decided to do this, his top 3 favorite movies and more.
You can follow him on Instagram at #ziggysbreastquest

Keep Pushing Brian.

"Dan" by Nult

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