General info:

Christmas decorations have a long and varied history throughout the world. In the early land of what is now the Czech Republic, the people hand-crafted wooden decorations in a traditional way. The process of decorating the Christmas tree is synonymous with family togetherness; where everyone returns home to spend time together. XMAS TOTEM decoration is created with this in mind, where the whole family can collectively create personalised and original decorations. Using simple iconography, every form shows a different figure associated with the theme of Christmas. The resulting effect is highlighted by the appropriate color that defines the figure.

Info about the product:

The XMAS TOTEM is made from spruce wood; a widely available, inexpensive material that can be found all over the world. The environmental footprint of the decoration is kept to a minimum thanks to the use of spruce, along with its recyclable paper packaging.

The product consists of seven conical wooden pieces, cotton cord and paper packaging with minimal print.

The charm of the XMAS TOTEM comes from its simplicity. Unlike more commonly found glass based baubles, the wood gives off a warmer, softer aesthetic. In addition, wood is a durable material; adding a level of longtivity missing from modern, disposable glass decorations.

The freedom of choice the user has in what the decoration can be adds a level of personality and engagement. Creating the Christmas decoration together with the others makes the family companion closer.

Design: Tomáš Kubata
Camera and video editing: Jaime Sebastian Viera

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