This is a video of the Skate in the Dark or Moonlight Skate that takes place every 2nd Friday of the month at Flatwoods Wilderness Park, Tampa, FL

The skate was formerly called "Full Moon Skates" and we have Diane's blessing to call it that, but since these skates will always be on the 2nd Friday of the month, and not necessarily on a full moon night, the skate got a new name. BUT besides name it is all the same – a fun skate in the dark, as fast as you want as slow as you want. The trail is 6.88 miles or you can extent it to the Bruce B. Downs entrance and then it will be 11 miles total. Meet at the Ranger Station in Flatwoods - see calendar for dates and what time.
Remember $5 for after hours parking fee to Flatwoods.
Helmet (mandatory, no exceptions!! Rangers want this for liability reasons – and we want it for common sense :-) and a light of some sorts (light not mandatory, but a good idea).
After the skate if people would like to, we can go get a cup of "water" at a nearby waterhole.
Meet at the Ranger station at: 14302 Morris Bridge Rd. Thonotosassa, FL 33592

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