On The Rivet - Cycling Chain Gang Training - 25th May 2013 - West Sussex - UK.

Years ago this is how this training ride was set up to run using restricted gears to facilitate adaptation to high cadence with a powerful pedal action, ie increasing speed over the weeks but keeping the pedal rpm at around or above 100 rpm. 

Until recently we weren't running these rides as a chain gang but with a view now to really increasing all members fitness we are going back to the restricted gears chain gang format to build riders capacity for speed. 

It takes a while to get everybody riding well in a chain gang and there are a few gaps forming where inexperience riders were letting gaps from in this video but on the whole it went very well.

Riders were using gears 39x17 or 34x15 and were riding on average 17.8 mph to achieve the 100 rpm for most of the ride. For riders who use slow cadence when riding these training rides can be a shock to the legs but as the adaptation starts to form and riders get better at pedalling then their speed really starts to get better. 

4 Sprints were included 2 in a restricted gear and in the last 3.5 miles the riders came out of the restricted gear to challenge each other in 2 more sprints in any gear.

This format lends itself to a wide difference of abilities where all can get some benefit from riding in a chain gang. Over the coming weeks we should see improvement in those coming back to form and those getting used to the high cadence to further increase the efforts for everybody in the sprint parts of this training ride. 

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