This film is part of a projected series called "Celebrating 400 Years of the Amsterdam Canal Rings District, Unesco World Heritage Site". It was shown repeatedly at the 3rd International Elm Conference, "The elms after 100 years of Dutch elm disease", which was held in Florence, Italy, October 9-11th 2013, at the initiative of representatives of the Physical Planning Department (Dienst Ruimtelijke Ordening) of the City of Amsterdam.

The subtitle story reads:
The elm bark beetle is responsible for the Dutch Elm Disease. It has killed countless elm trees across the world. Through careful planning and management, the harmful beetle has successfully been banned from the Amsterdam city centre. The elm trees in the outer rings of the city are being watched just as closely as their fellow-elms in the centre. Any infected tree will immediately be cut down and carefully disposed of. Thus, the trees in the wider areas encircling the city centre constitute a "cordon sanitaire". As "warning sign posts", they serve to protect the elms in the historic canal district in the inner rings of the city. This elaborate zonation strategy has historical significance. The Dutch Elm has populated the historic canal district of Amsterdam from its initial layout 400 years ago. This film is a tribute to this age-old resident of Amsterdam. It is much deserved, for each Spring, the elm celebrates life with a cheerful shower of seeds whirling through the streets and the canals. This wonderful "Spring Snow" event can be enjoyed as a celebration of life in the city of Amsterdam. And we thank the elm for putting up this show for the past 400 years.

About the making of this video. Footage, sound, music, texts and montage are all mine (Huib J. Lirb). The images were all shot on May 22th 2013, using a Panasonic GH2 camera and lenses from Voigtländer (Nokton 25mm F 0.95), Panasonic (Lumix G 1:2.5/14 Asph Pancake) and Nikon (Nikkor 35-70mm 1:3.5). Obviously, with an object such as a tree with countless leaves and seeds, the images have suffered greatly – GREATLY – from AVCHD compression. So yes, I should have used a GH3 or a BlackMagic camera. Unfortunately, I possess neither. Sound was recorded, when not, for this "bicycle-ridden" production, by the onboard mic of the GH2, using a Tascam DR100 and a Sennheiser MKH 416 (some bird-song tracks from my back garden). I record and compose my music score in Logic and Garageband – with a bunch of VST instruments – and generally prefer to use my own music, recycle it at that, not because I am the most exciting musician around, but to avoid "contamination" with other people's royalty rights. For more information:, or For other examples of my work, please see and (my creative partnership with John Twigt).

This is not a commercial production. That still means, however, that I reserve all rights to the images, sound, music and text. Therefore: ©2013 Huib J. Lirb

For more information on the exciting initiatives that will continue to develop into a true and marvellous Amsterdam Springsnow Festival in future years, please visit the website ( or the Facebook page ( Be sure to catch it!

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