Authors: Andrea Nevi & Eleonora Beddini


The concept of the video "Everything collapses and disintegrates around me" was inspired by some videos about the release of Nazi extermination camps and by Leni Riefenstahl's movie “Olympia”(1938), about the 1936 Berlin Olympics that Adolf Hitler intended to turn into a powerful propaganda weapon to glorify the Third Reich. The divers' shootings from the Berlin Olympics  and the mass graves' images shot by the Allies appeared to us to be somewhat incredibly similar: the same camera motions (vertical pan shots), the same subjects' movements (moving downwards). We have used this similarity, result of a crude analysis that we have made, far from any rhetoric, as a reading key to an age in history marked by totalitarianism and by the systematic use of propaganda: that age, in the video,  symbolically starts with the 1936 Olympics and ends with the lager's release. At both edges, falling men and women, bodies yielding to gravity, willfully or not. Disguised as a big dream, the dives become a premonitory nightmare of what will occur within the next few years, when the victims and the collaborators will be countless and there won't be  medals, but only losers. Finally, the title of the video is a quotation from the last page of the novel “ The Truce” by Primo Levi.

Collective Exhibitions

"A Virtual Memorial Milan 2014" (I colori della Memoria), [BOX] Gallery - Visual Container, Milano, 27-28-29 gennaio 2014
Danube Videoart Festival, Stadtkino Grein, Grein, Austria, 18 – 20 ottobre 2013
"A Virtual Memorial Warsaw 2013", Museum of the History of Polish Jews, Varsavia, Polonia, 25 – 31 ottobre 2013;
"A Virtual Memorial Vilnius 2013", Jewish Culture & Information Center, Vilnius, Lituania, 23 settembre - 27 ottobre; Kedainiai Regional Museum, Kedainiai, Lituania, 2 ottobre - 29 ottobre
“Ricordo dei bambini di Terezín”, Museo Ebraico di Genova, Genova, 25 gennaio – 14 marzo, 2013;
“Italia-Israele: I sensi del Mediterraneo”, Hangar Bicocca, Milano, 3-22 maggio, 2011; Villa Durazzo, Santa Margherita Ligure, 3 giugno - 31 luglio, 2011; Centro Culturale Enav, Tel Aviv-Giaffa, Israele 16 dicembre 2011 - 5 gennaio 2012

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