While the memories are forever, sadly not everyone in this video remain as friends. More information is provided on the website above. The accounts listed below are all that remains in the cheesy anime-style circle of friendship:

(Supervillian7 has a new account; Vixlater only uses MSN)

Please try to disregard the Mary-Suism of the lyrics. At the time, I was simply trying to mirror the song used in the video- Boten Anna- as well as its lyrics. The lyrics translated, are about a 'Bot' that runs a chatroom, but is later revealed that the Bot is actually a real woman. A song about a chatroom seemed perfect. Since it was my chatroom, I had myself assume the role as 'Anna', though looking back it does seem a tad self-indulged.

Here is a rough translation of the song.

Teh Stream™

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