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Written & Directed by RJ Collins // rjcollins1@gmail.com
Story by Aman Singh & RJ Collins
Produced by Kate Lilly
Co-Produced by Stephen Mallett
First Assistant Director - Stephen Mallett
Cinematography by Greg Cotten
Production Design by Amry Landsberg
Sound Design by Bob Curtin
Edited by Kira Tamagawa
Composed by Max Schad & Kevin Tsunoda
Costume Design by Ambre Wrigley
Starring Dylan Shepherd, Alyssa Brianne Miller, Amanda Pajer, Mike Pfaff, Alistair McKenzie, Wendy Shannon, Peter Vander Meulen, Jack Zych, Kate Lilly, Varda Appleton, & Isabella Durham.

One ordinary day, 10-year-old Charles Henry is delighted to discover that he has the ability to float. But when society pressures him to conform and fix his 'problem', he must find the courage to overcome what others think and embrace who he is.

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