The homeless are under siege in Victoria BC - without safe secure housing and a harm reduction strategy they are criminalized, under police surveillance and stigmatized. The Good Neighbour Agreement Group lobbied City Hall to "clean up" Pandora Green in Victoria. Police were directed to harass, ticket, confiscate belongings, and arrest homeless people on the street. Taking The Fall and Rising presents the voices of our street family, business owners and community members who tenuously coexist in the neighbourhood. We heard diverse experiences and needs. Most homeless involved told us that services lack dignity. Others want out of the system all together, along with the stigma it encourages, and to be left alone. Victoria Police say their approach to drugs is dictated by the federal government and therefore criminalized. This punitive focus reinforces stigma and does not address the underlying issues of homelessness.
About the director
kym a. hines (a.k.a. hothead) he is a man born woman, a.k.a. transgendered. He was raised by a single mom on welfare and lived on the streets of Calgary and was homeless on and off for 5 years. “At 15 I ran away from our family home in Beiseker, Alberta and took a train to my birth home in Winnipeg, Manitoba. That was the beginning of my lifelong journey to find home and family since mine was so broken by poverty.” kym has remained working and living on the front lines ever since. hothead keeps a watchful eye out for those who live on the streets or are street involved. He encourages us to bear witness to interactions between police (and other security personnel) and our most vulnerable citizens.
Kym host's a Thaw (Transform Homelessness Advocacy Watch) blog at"
thawVictoria is our Youtube channel Advocacy Watch dedicated to addressing Human Rights abuses regarding our homeless family members.

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