Custom Non-Modal File Browser. Part of Scene Tools 2.0


CharlieWales' File Browser features:

- Access to Project folders ( images, sourceimages, playblasts, ... )
- Access to System folders ( desktop, drives, temp folder, ... )
- Access to some Scene Tools utils ( save scene version, reload scene,
scene info, playblast window, reference file editor )
- Create folders
- Create materials from image file(s). If you have some objects
seleted the last material created will be assigned to them.
- Delete files and empty folders
- Docked/Floating UI
- Execute python file name as function
- Favorite folders
- Horizontal/Vertical layout (paneLayout)
- Image Viewer
- Import Alembic files
- Import python modules (adds the path to the sys.path if needed)
- Import/Reference multiple files with or without namespaces
- Import wav file into scene and set to timeline audio
- Import OBJ sequences (select files and Left-Click --> Import as OBJ Sequence)
- Import textures to scene (create file nodes, psdFileTex nodes for Photoshop files)
- Open Image files in system viewer
- Open Video files in system viewer
- Open folder in system file explorer
- Preferences saved in optionVars ( persistent across Maya sessions )
- Recent files and projects
- Rename file ( on a file or and choose
'Rename file' from the menu
- Search current folder for files. Live and on-demand. When on-demand
you have to press the enter button to filter the file list. In Live mode
the file list is automatically filtered while typing (scriptJob running while in this mode)
- Select current opened scene
- Set project from main projects list
- Source mel scripts
- View image sequence ( internal (fcheck) and external (tested with
DJV Imaging on windows) ). Select an image file and
right-click --> View Sequence (option box for setting other viewer)
- View scene playblast
- View selected file(s) path
- View text file as note (mel, py, txt, xml, css , ui, nk)
- View/Create scene thumbnails and notes

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