Raw video with Magic Lantern: magiclantern.fm

1. Flickering in 50D footage is caused by turning off exposure simulation in camera
2. Same 50mm f/1.4 Nikkor on both camera's. Changed distance to object with 50D to compensate for cropfactor.
3. The 5D Mark II was set at iso 6400 for f/16 and 100 for f/2.8, 50D should have used about the same values, but it was calculating them.
4. The first shots (5D and 5DII) both are brightened + 1 stop in ACR. No oder edits, only tried to match white balance.


Canon EOS 50D @ 1592x720p (max width)
Canon EOS 5D Mark II @ 1880x840p (max width)

DNG's processed in ACR. No sharpening, no luma noise reduction (color 25, default setting).
Exported as JPG, imported in Premiere as Image Sequence.

First shots show original crops. After that the same shots upsized to 1920p and the same shots with Sharpen filter added (value 20).

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