For my project Proof I, I invited the most important people in my life to participate: my parents, relatives, old lovers, best friends and others. I made arrangements to meet them, perhaps at their house, a coffee shop we had frequented, or perhaps the place where we first met.

I gave each a video camera and asked, “If I were to disappear off the face of the earth suddenly , and you could have any part of my life, what part would that be?” A part of my life could be anything I own, an individual characteristic, or perhaps one of my experiences. Then the person holding the camera, one of those people I am very close to, would answer the question while filming me, and perhaps the camera would shake when they heard my question. My subjects did not know what I would be asking before the session started, and I had no way of knowing what they would answer, so my immediate response was recorded on the video.

For the second part of the project, I asked the same participants what they would leave me if they were to disappear. Perhaps it would be scenery they had enjoyed, music they love, a favorite scene from a movie, or some object they own.

“Taking and possessing part of my life” is a central proposition in this work. The part taken would not necessarily be my favorite, but perhaps something I have never considered before. The part given by the participants wouldn't necessarily be their most precious, but would have a deep connection to me. Our connection and history would be reestablished in the process of this exchange.





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