Day Care & Pre-School

"Kids and Moms" operates as a robust child care center, providing structured early education in a streamlined fashion. With ‘Day Care’ and ‘Pre School’ as the two pillars upon which this facility rests as a child grooming center, learning and fun alongside the folds of guided care and love continues to leave a mark and to contribute positively towards facilitating families to develop and grow.
Learning during primitive years is quite interesting and at the same time equally challenging, "Kids and Moms" strives to keep it interesting all the way. PreSchool holds a valid registration from Federal Board of Education, and hence is a certified partner in imparting quality early schooling. With focus of basic subjects and general knowledge and conduct, schooling for the little ones has itself found new meanings at "Kids and Moms". Little souls are nurtured with valuable content from globally recognized learning programs. A robust curriculum is in place at "Kids and Moms" for ensuring that pre school delivers quality education. Kindergarten, for once, holds all the fun and engagement for the little ones, with a focus towards their learning. Activity based classrooms ensure that fun and learning go hand in hand at "Kids and Moms". Infants and toddlers in particular need to be facilitated with all areas of grooming and learning, and trained staff at "Kids and Moms" Day Care provides more than the necessary facilitation in this regard. Montessori methodology also serves as an inspiration to manage and operate early academia at "Kids and Moms".

"Kids and Moms" caters to enormous outdoor activity and is complemented by the availability of swings, slides etc. Moreover, many a indoor games and professional Karate trainings add to the activity basket.

Ladies Fitness Club

Ladies Fitness Club is an important part of “Kids and Moms” which invites Mothers and Ladies to accompany their kids to the facility and get the best for their own selves as well apart from the child care services. A vast variety of health and fitness activities for ladies and mothers is available at the ladies fitness club at "Kids and Moms".
Ladies consciousness about physical fitness and well-being is commendable, and is actually a healthy disposition; "Kids and Moms" fosters it with all the vigor and passion, by offering a rich range of female fitness options like Gym, Aerobics, Yoga etc.
"Kids and Moms" has equipped its premises with gym facility to differentiate itself from regular day care service providers in Islamabad most uniquely: offering a gym in Islamabad exclusively for Ladies and Mothers so that they can engage in healthy activities as well.
"Kids and Moms" offers a robust yoga training program for ladies whereby yoga exercises are used not only to reduce stress but also to help the ladies stay healthy and fit. Aerobics has also been incorporated as a form of physical work-out for ladies; which combines rhythmic exercise with stretching.
For ladies and mothers to feel at ease, "Kids and Moms" has appropriate arrangements to offer lounging and help them stay upbeat with consumption of green tea, coffee etc.

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