Our latest Ident Campaign and Channel Rebrand for Foxtel's Channel [V] has been our most ambitious project to date.

WTS explored a variety of themes including rebellion, ritual, love, devotion, spirit, power, and mythology to construct a mesmerising visual journey through conceptual dreamscapes filled with artists and objects from all corners of popular music.

Our approach was inspired by music's finest quality - communication through art.

Art Director / Director - Mark Blondel
Senior Designer & Compositor - Raoul Marks
Designer & Compositor (Apocalyptic Love) - Chris Thompson
Additional Design / Rotoscope / Artist selections - Matt Fezz & (Rad) Dan Watkins
Production Company - Where There's Smoke

Creative Director - Sean Vandenberg
Hand drawn band names - David Brown
Additional Design & Compositing - Zakary Chenoweth, Richard Quy
Audio Design - Matt Brown & Simeon Bartholemew

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