This is a video of a little Avatar or character customization demo we have put together to show the new Daz3D direct morph import system and to show the wrapping system in proper use. The main character is a Daz3D character that has been decimated to a lower poly count to make it more suitable for games, and then exported to an FBX and imported into Unity. Then using our new Daz3D to MegaFiers to connection you can just point the system at any directory that holds .dsf morph files for the character and the system will read in all the available morphs, you can then choose which of those you want to apply to your character and hit load. The system will automatically match the morphs to the Unity character regardless how much you have reduced the poly count from the original.

The clothes in the demo have no morphs at all they make use of the Wrapping system in MegaFiers so you just need to select any item you wish to fit your character, add the wrapping component and apply it, once applied the clothes or other items will conform to whatever morph the main character is performing so you need not worry about creating loads of morphs for your clothes etc. The items to be wrapped do not even need to be rigged to the bones to work.

You can try the webplayer demo for yourself at

We will be doing a video showing how this demo was put together and the workflow for the new Daz3D connection.

The flags in the demo are animated using the MegaFiers point cache system and the trees blowing in the wind are done using the Waving modifier.

More information on the MegaFiers system can be found on our website at

Music: 'Soaring High' copyright © 2013 Grant Stevens - Under license
from Varazuvi™";

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