I first saw Rob's car at the Fresh Meet Spring Bash, and had made it a point to talk to him before the day was over. Unfortunately I had forgotten, but it wasn't long after that he had contacted me about doing a videoshoot. Rob is from the Capital Region of PA (Harrisburg) which luckily I knew the area somewhat from some previous events in the area.

We started off at the infamous Three Mile Island (look at that nuclear waste infected water, mmm), and moved onto some spots overlooking the city and in center city.

Rob's Integra is very grassroots inspired, featuring a full race suspension, Sparco steering wheel and seat, half cage, some sticky R888 compounds wrapped on 15x8 wheels. Had a lot of fun with this feature. Rob's Integra is also painted the ZEST green from the Zest Nascar vehicle, and is very hard to capture correctly.

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