This is a sound design remix of 'Invisible Light' - there is NO music by the Scissor Sisters - all audio is done by me.

I created this for as part of my Audio Engineering degree, for the class 'Audio for Multimedia'. We had to choose a video to re-create the sound for.

I chose one of my favourite directors of photography, Marc Gómez del Moral ( to base my project on, and I chose this video as it was a good balance between Moral's all-out crazy genius work and his slightly more conventional stuff . I removed all audio, and attempted to create audio for every visual element on the screen. I used original recordings, samples from Freesound, and synthesisers in Cubase that I played myself. I feel that this was moderately successful, but there are a lot of things I would have done better with a budget greater than zero and more time to record original sounds.

Please see Marc Gómez del Moral's original video here:

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