This story is about Dalia's past and flashback what made her own characteristics now. This includes an insightful trip to the past, and a new Music Video feel to it. This is my first Music Video on this channel!

"Can you be in my voice over plz" won't work or "I want to know what world is this" will not work. Only Comments that are answered will make sense.

Q: What's the song called?
A: Title Description on top. Can't miss it.

Q: What is the Hair's name? where can I get it?
A: It's Viva Voluptuous hair from the Voluptuous Pack, and it's from The Sims 3 Store.

Q: Who is that Emo Dude?
A: Dalia is a proud mother of 3. They are her daughters. Dalia is a proud aunt to have Ramin, Natalia's Son. She is Married to Mikail. and Yes. Ramin is in a relationship with another house guest (In the Pillow Fight scene, with Sleepwear on). Her name is Jesselina Nacker They WooHoo'd out of lock wed.
Natalia is on of the daughters that Dalia raised with Jett after their breakup.

Q: What are the other Two?
A: The Second Oldest is Kerina, a love for Anime, and the Youngest, Dorinda. Kerina is in a relationship with longtime friend, and Alma Mater Peace and Love School, Nacho Sanchez. (See Epi. 3, Please.)

Q: Where can i see the videos from the flashback? (Near Last Portion of Music Video)
A:Check the channel. Search "Inventer Lover Dalia's Dreamland" for those episodes.

Q: Where can I see the videos from the flashback? (First Portion)
A: Those were made entirely for this music video. sorry, If you have to take long on this, I was bust with real life.

Q: Can I be in your series?
A: Sure. PM my main Channel, GamesVlog, and we'll see what we can do.

Q: What was this video was made with?
A: Sony Vegas Studio 9, Pro 10 for later series.

Q: How do you get your sims so pretty?
A: I dunno. I use a assload of Custom content, and I intend to keep using them.

Q: Why do you credit the Third Party Object Creators?
A: Either they need the renegotiation or not, they create cool costumes for my Sims, and I got to thank them somehow. IF YOU ARE A CREATOR, AND HAVE NOT GOT CREDITED, PLEASE LET ME KNOW RIGHT NOW!
If you want me to use your own object, costumes, clothes, etc, tell me up front. If I have not got your permission, please let me know on my Main Channel Immediately! I don't want blood on my hands!

This video took me over 2 hours to make, and over 3-4 hours to reduce the file size of this. If you love this video, you can follow this vimeo page, Otherwise, turn away. If you're not a big fan of Mika, you can go to Hell!

This is the International Version for all regions, where you'll find some modified elements. For once, and alternative endings from Version 2 and the flashbacks from her past are glowed or highlighted for that fuzzy memory feel. this will appeal to a more, broader audience.

The reason that I chose this particular song for the Music Video is that I decided to take risks with my channels, and I know I won't have partnership anytime soon, so I'll just say-- kudos to all who love my videos! Haters and trolls know that I flagged my own video due to one scene. can you find it?

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