This video is a quick comparison showing what the rooted Nook Simple Touch looks like running XCSoar to demonstrate the tradeoffs in e-Ink displays for this application.

First, there is Rob Dunning's Top Hat version, using the Nook's fast refresh mode to give a smooth display. the penalty of this is that you don't get a totally 'clean' display.

Second, I'm also showing the non-adapted XCSoar code, which is using the standard non-fastmode display, just to give you some idea what would happen if you ran your flight computer with a typical e-ink update that 'cleans' the screen. As you can see there is a fair bit of flashing as the firmware determines that too much of the screen has changed, and it needs to 'reset' the pixels,

Later versions of XCSoar (6.7+ I believe) have got the fast mode update built in for the Nook ST and produce a very similar display to the Tophat video here. Of course with the Nook you are running an old version of Android, so you can have both XCsoar and TopHat coexisting on the device, as well as all your favourite book readers and some apps to play with when you're not using it as a flight computer..

These demos are both running the same IGC files from slope soaring at Liddington.

Best listened to with no sound.. but if you must, noise is by

Chitauri Mind Field by MUTWAWA (
satan a plus la secu by comment on y va (

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