We're excited to annonce our new 2013 Juanita More collaboration benefitting the LGBT community.


Every year we partner with local Drag entertainer Juanita More to make a bag celebrating the artistic community and diversity the LGBT community of San Francisco. This year 15% of each purchase will support OutLoud Radio, a non profit that helps LGBT youth have a voice on the airwaves.

Three years ago this project was inspired by our feeling that many brands who make "pride-edition" products are simply pink washing. We saw countless instances where a company would throw a rainbow on something, charge a premium for it and market to the LGBT community. Most of the time it's simply "marketing." Rickshaw is proud to live in the diverse bay area and wanted to create authenticity connect with the LGBT community for pride (one of San Francisco's largest tourist events each year). We were honored to partner with Juanita MORE! a local figurehead of LGBT nightlife and philanthropy. Three years later we're continuing that story on our new tote.

This year's bag focuses on the passion and craft of food. Each bag with come with a special recipe from Juanita More (a former culinary chef). The cotton tote features an original painting by Serge Gay Jr. (sergegayjr.com) which is digitally printed on one side of the bag. On the other side, you get a recipe card for the savory bread pudding she makes in the video. Enjoy!

Matt Notaro (notostudio.com) - Director
Ayumi Ashley - Producer

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