Update: Thanks friends for getting us to 5th place! - Tom and John

This video represents the Iceland I have come to know, beginning with
my first time at the 2011 Airwaves festival in Reykjavik. This video was filmed in the
cold autumn of 2011 and spring of 2012, the beginning of it is a set by Canadian musician Rich Aucoin set. When I arrived I had an idea of my bearings in the city, but still stayed miles from the city center. The weather was unpredictably rainy, sunny, snowy, and as other people have said, combined with the landscape to make me feel like I landed on another planet.

I rented a car and travelled when I could, and was stunned by the chilling,
raw beauty of the countryside, the warmth of the people and the emphasis on live music from Iceland and around the world.

Airwaves has brought me back twice, and I imagine many more times down the road. I was blown away by the number of bands playing at any given time. It made me more appreciative of music s a performed art for the masses and inspired me to share more of my music online, and gave me inspiration to film everything I see along the way.

I gush about this place. I find myself talking to strangers at bars back in Toronto
about Airwaves, the small community that builds over the 5 day event, the emphasis on discovering new acts you otherwise wouldn't have a chance to find and the unforgettable scenery. In this video I try to combine the excitement you feel in the moment with the incredible memory it leaves behind.

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