From their home, in front of their webcams, 9 English speaking performers communicate on love. The performers are united in an interface, a webcam grid visible on their screens and projected as one single video in front of the public. This way they are together responsible for a shared sound and image space.

The time of the performance and bandwidth restrictions made some images freeze, others were lacking sound. So while being challenged to discover the “we” in a universe of lonely togetherness, to discover what it means ” to be with” based on singularities, the performers were severly restricted by the limitations of remote communication while exchanging phrases on love.

Performance by Annie Abrahams FR with Denise Hardman UK, Ben Robinson UK, Tony Chapman UK, Derek Piotr USA, Hedva Eltanani UK, Martina Ruhsam SI, Antye Greie FI and Pascale Barret BE.

Invited by Garrett Lynch for the conference Remote Encounters.
Connecting bodies, collapsing spaces and temporal ubiquity in networked performance.

11 04 2013 8.00 pm
CB4 (the theatre), ATRiuM,
Cardiff School of Creative & Cultural Industries,
University of Glamorgan, Wales.


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