Concert visuals for the Norwegian band Ulver - a 7 min reel.

Edited/manipulated archive footage plus some filmed material. Projected on a 6,3m x 3m screen at the following concerts: Maihaugsalen, Lillehammer litteraturfestival; Brutal Assault Festival, Prague; Øyafestivalen, Oslo; Møllafestivalen, Gjerstad; Pstereo, Trondheim; Queen Elizabeth Hall, London; Gagarin 205, Athens.

All music by Ulver: /

Tracks: Little blue bird; Rock massif; Funebre; For the love of god; Let the children go; Porn piece or the scars of cold kisses; Silence teaches you how to sing; Themes from William Blake's The Marriage of Heaven and Hell - Plates 16-17; In the red; Like music; Not saved.

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