In this clip from bonus footage we see Anda Union at Otgonbayar's family yurt drinking the traditional Mongolian Milk Wine. Often made from mare's milk this wine was made from cow's milk by Otgonbayar's family and is fresh from the pot! As they drink they sing.

This is bonus footage drawn on the 150 hours of film from the film shoot. More information on the feature film can be found at:-

Anda Union From The Steppes To The City
Anda Union's haunting harmonies and vibrant strings evoke the endless beauty of the Mongolian grasslands. Anda Union's thoroughly addictive combination of Mongolian musical styles, combining throat singing and long song with horse head fiddles and lutes brings this powerful ancient music to life as never heard before.

The film is a celebration of their passion for their music and culture, from wild parties to moving stories of their sacrifices, from the intimacies of pastoral life to the harsh realities of the city; from performing for goat herders in the Grasslands to performing to over 2000 people live in Hohhot City.

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