Following the Make Noise manual's suggestion for "stopping" the Wogglebug's clock by patching an otherwise unconnected cable into the Clock Input, I thought I'd try touching the end of the cable to advance the clock...

It worked!

Here's the patch:

The Wogglebug's Clock Out is sent to a mult, and from there to (a) the Gate In on an A-140 Envelope Generator and the Trigger In on an A-160 Clock Divider.

The Clock Divider's outputs are sent to an A-138c mixer's inputs, the output of which is controlling a Z3000 VCO (via an A-170 Slew Limiter, lightly-- basically a Binary Zone patch).

The Saw Out from the Z3000 is sent to the top half of the A-132-3 DVCA, and the Square Out is sent to the Signal In on an A-196 PLL. The Phase Comp Out from the PLL is sent to the bottom half of the 132-3 (and from there to the computer, right channel).

Both VCAs are being controlled by the A-140.

The top half of the 132-3 is sent out to a Frostwave Resonator and a Blue Ringer (and from there to the computer, left channel).

The Resonator's Low Pass Frequency is being controlled by the Wogglebug's Stepped Output.

Touching the tip and the sleeve of the Clock cable at the same time advances the clock by one step; touching the tip alone cycles it very quickly.

I'm sure with a bit of attenuation, this could be more precise!

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