Sorry for the reflections from the dirty window.

Shot with the Speed HD7, a sub US$200 720p HD camera.

Video of almost the entire journey possible, East to West, on the tram, passing through lower-class residential areas, lower/middle-class residential areas, shopping areas and finally the business and financial district of Admiralty and Central.

The trams in Hong Kong have been running since July, 1904, and initially, the first 26 tramcars were all single-deckers. After over a century of operation, there are 163 tramcars which includes 2 antique tramcars, which makes it the world's largest fleet of double-deck tramcars still in operation, carrying an average of 240,000 passengers every day.

There are 6 tram routes, totalling 30km, with the longest running from Kennedy Town in the west, to Shau Kei Wan in the East. Tram fare is HK$2/US$0.25, regardless of distance, making this the second cheapest mode of transport in HK (the cheapest being the Star Ferry).

'Ding Ding' is the sound of the trams 'horn', and is operated with a foot pedal. This 'horn' has remained unchanged throughout the century.

The tram remains my favoured mode of transport. For me, it's like stepping back a few decades in time, and is a wonderful way to unwind. It is the best way of seeing everything East, West, old, new, rich and poor, on the island.

Auto WB, EV 0, Nightshot On.
The HD7 on Auto WB gives off too much green tint, regardless under flourescent or tungsten lighting conditions.
Next night test videos will try relevant WB setting to see for any improvements.

Thanks for watching.

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