In short, camera tracking and matchmoving is a computer technique where it allows the insertion of computer graphic elements such as effects, objects, creatures and etc into live action footage with correct 3d space, scale and position. It has to be done professionally, accurately and perfectly in order to deliver Hollywood visual effects standard. I am honored that i participate in the process of making all these feature films. Big thanks to people who gave me such opportunities.

Shots that i been working on for the past 2 years+ at Rhythm And Hues Studio.
I only managed to included Alvin3 and Snow white partly because the rest of the shows that i worked on haven't release yet.

Music: Daybreak - OVERWERK
Clips: Alvin & the chipmunks, Snow White & the huntsman

Featured Films that I participated:
Alvin & The Chipmunks : Chipwrecked ( 2011 )
Snow White & The Huntsman ( 2012 ) *85th Oscar nomination for Best Visual Effects*
Chronicle ( 2012 )
Django Unchained ( 2012 ) *85th Oscar nomination for Best Picture*
R.I.P.D ( 2013 )
Percy Jackson : Sea Of Monster ( 2013 )

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