Here's our Artist VFX reel for 2013.
Clips breakdown:
1: "The Midge" 3D Ant.
2. "The Midge" 3D Midge, Skin, wound and internal blood stream with injected dark fluid.
3. "Survivors" Spaghetti Junction. Vehicle removal, tracking, painting, Roto.
4. "Find A Property" Compositing 3D and Live action.
5. "The Midge" Live action reflected in CG Midge Eye.
6. "The Midge" 3D insects added to object tracked live action Log.
7. "The Midge" 3D internal shot, larvae breaking out of a red blood cell.
8. "We are the Rulers" Tracking, compositing, 3D Robo Crouch into live action.
9. "Survivors" River crossing - Matte painted back ground, 3D bridge insertion, roto, tracking.
10. "The Midge" 3D internal shot, larvae growing in Blood cell
11. "The Midge" Pupa push through skin, 3D, Live action, 3D Face Tracking. Boy Explodes and Swarms into tent.
12. "This is J03" 3D character composited into Live action plates. 3D tracked.
13. "Nasties" 3D projection mapping of live action footage for virtual camera zoom in and Bin Drop.
14. "Survivors" Building explosion - corridor run - doorway collapse etc - Comp practical smoke and dust effects, rendered 3D explosion and debris, tracking and painting.
15. "Contorted Hazel" Compositing of smoke and liquid cloud effects with 3D rendered tentacles.
16. "Ashes to Ashes" Car CB talking - Still photography of environment, tracking, matte painting, green screen, roto.
17. "Ashes to Ashes" Prison roof - 3D generated environment, 3D characters and animation. roto, painting.
18. "Ashes to Ashes" Police assault & Prison Rioters - Crowd replication, roto, comp.
19 "Seaport (Squint Opera)" Breakdown of compositing live action elements into 3D environments - Live action boat and street scene.

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