Karl and Jody spent half an hour this lunchtime getting to grips with a new invention toy/tool called a makey makey.

It’s a simple piece of electronics based on an Arduino Leonardo micro controller that lets people from all ages explore new ways to interact with computers.

We thought it’d be neat to toy around with the idea of an interactive poster, and Jody has just created a lovely one for the do the green thing campaign.

Borrowing a bit of tin foil from the kitchen and a projector, the idea here is that a print based poster gets layered with a video graphic. By touching the poster, you control which movie is playing.

The software is a simple application built in processing that listens for a signal from the makey makey and plays back a movie file.

Super simple prototype, but the make make is already a fun new addition to the studio and smart new way to think about how and what we make here.

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