In the back of my mind i just want to be skating, filming and putting out as much good footage as possible. But sometimes life gets in the way and ruins those plans.
After being super busy with work over the last 12-18 months there ended up being a lot of footage that didnt get used in other skate projects and didnt seem to have a place to go anytime soon. Some of the footage got a bit 'lost'. So instead of letting it die, i threw this together.

Featuring; (in order of appearance)
Corbin Harris, Rob Kenworthy, Nathen Zahra, Daniel Sparrow, Corey Young, Anthony de Sylva, Kieran Reilly, Shane Azar, Tai Wilson, Adam Tabone, Jason Heather, Jile Scott, Kevin Jusaan, Jack Fischer, Jake Smyth, Michael Mieruszynski, Mark Rowe, Matty Dillon, Steve McKay, Pete Dalmer, Phil Billingsby, Zach Morrison, Jake Hayes, Tim Williams, Billy Loveder, Chris Vaughn, Bibi Bradbury, Ryder Lawson, Robert Macalister and Dean Parsons.

Music by Nas.

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