The year is 2013 and the place is Copenhagen. The little mermaid is still hot and a party-tsunami with 111 dance floors on beautiful squares and ugly warehouses just took off with more than 100.000 people… per day.

This is Distortion, one of Europe's biggest, most crazy street events. Including buses, trains, boats, even tanks!
This year, Retelly takes you through the 4 days of party extravaganza to find out what this freeform monster is all about…

More stuff about Distortion:

About Distortion Fesitval
openhagen Distortion is "a celebration of streetlife & nightlife" orchestrating 150+ dancefloors hosted by 150+ local and international icons of streetlife and nightlife (people, shops, clubs, galleries, labels, magazines…). The characteristic Distortion atmosphere involves high-energy impulsive chaos with a strong "streetlife freedom" feel. The music selection is sharp and upfront: names like Hot Chip, Simian Mobile Disco, Spank Rock feat. Amanda Blank and Sebastien Tellier were booked for Distortion events before they had become underground heroes of international scope (see notable names & dates below). The festival has always been a Copenhagen leader in the field of using urban space and unusual locations:

In the years 2005-2006 the festival started to focus strongly on outdoor street parties. In 2008 Distortion changed its tagline "A Celebration of Copenhagen Nightlife" to "A Celebration of Streetlife & Nightlife": out of 56 events, 14 of them were street parties and 3 of them were massive outdoor block parties on famous Copenhagen squares (Latin Quarters + Sankt Hans Torv + Enghave Plads). In 2011, Copenhagen Distortion became one of the largest street events in Europe with 80.000-100.000 people per day.

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