‘Marta’ is an ongoing project about my adopted sister whose tragic life had been determined from an early age by brain damage (struck against the wall by the biological father during an altercation with the biological mother) and a succeeding brain surgery which led to Marta's alienation and inability to communicate with others.

Marta's adolescent and adult life has been the life of an outsider, marked by living in the streets, begging and assaults. This project is an attempt to understand my little sister, to get close to her and to find a way to deal with this experience. It is also an emotional journey towards closure.


I am originally from Poland. I moved to Ireland in 2003 where in 2012 I graduated in photography from prestigious Institute of Art Design and Technology in Dublin. I live and work there as a freelance photographer and a photo editor of a photographic magazine: BLOW Photo Magazine (blowphotomagazine.com). My passion for photography has evolved since I moved to Ireland. Initially, in Poland I was involved in theatre directing. Like theatre directing, working with a camera allows me to be comfortably at the centre of human action, not as the central character, but as an observer and creator. 

As part of a creative collaboration between SLIDELUCK London and DEVELOP Photo, a selection of the stories presented at the closing night of the FORMAT International Photography Festival in April 2013 are being spotlighted on DEVELOP Tube.

Slideluck is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to building and strengthening community through food and art. Slideluck operates multimedia slideshows combined with potluck dinners in about fifty cities around the world. slideluck.com

Slideluck London on Facebook: facebook.com/SLIDELUCKPOTSHOWlondon and on Twitter: @SLPSlondon
DEVELOP Photo on Twitter: @DEVELOPphoto

This video is part of the DEVELOP Tube Channel which can be found at vimeo.com/channels/developphoto. DEVELOP Tube is an educational resource which features interviews, profiles, lectures & films about photojournalism, fine art photography & documentary photography.

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