Give A Body Back!


Free Belarus Now is staging a peaceful protest against the human rights violations in Belarus, shedding light on the hundreds of people who have “disappeared” or been executed.

We call for volunteers to show their support for this cause by taking part in a static peaceful protest in London for 1 hour at 8am on 6th June 2013 in three iconic London locations. Living bodies will lie motionless encased in body bags – give a body back before it becomes a dead body.

We are asking for no more than two hours of your time on 6th June – meeting at 7.30am, commencing the protest at 8am and finishing at 9am.

Contact Maddy for more information and to get involved by emailing now. Alternatively you can call us on 0207 922 2992 to find out how you can help the campaign!

Thank you for your support.
Together we can make this happen!

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