Alexandros Mouzas: Cam-media
Interactive Composition with the participation of students

Conductor: Alexandros Mouzas
Students’ music preparation for the project: Leda Masoura

Educational Concert
Wednesday February 27th 2013, Strovolos Municipal Theatre, Nicosia, Cyprus
In collaboration with the Secondary General Education Department, Ministry of Education and Culture

For strings orchestra, computer and group of students

Cam-Media is a participatory and interactive music work. Participatory, because it is based on the students’ active participation and interactive because the children play an important role in shaping the work’s final result, with every performance being different and unique. The work refers to the relationship between the human, the nature and his surroundings (nature, natural phenomena, human’s interference, disasters, communication, language, technology, etc). Cam-Media is composed especially for a strings orchestra, while being accompanied by sound effects, natural and electronic sounds created by the computer on stage. The students participate by creating musical instruments with natural materials, recyclable materials, objects from our everyday life even mobile phones, while using their own body or voice through singing or recitation.
It is not necessary for students to have any music knowledge, but by following simple guidelines, they cooperate with the professional members of the orchestra.

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