collaboration with Albert Amos and Katie Eleanor
Clips from this film are not my own and are sourced from
Music by L'orange - The Audition
Models Charlotte Oldman and Loren Bow Robinson
Shot on a 600D

This short aesthetic film is based on an vintage tea party with emphasis on american commercialism, natural metamorphosis, gluttony and excess. The short excerpts of clips within the basic aesthetic of the tea party are related to cultural excess and the snappiness and frequency of them, relate to the ever changing environment. The orange colour bomb contrasts with the pastel ambience being a harshness to a romantic scene. It is an amalgamation of modern culture within a vintage setting, visibly thin models force lavish cakes down their throats this is a pigment of the desire industry models oppose. The imagery is warped and surreal with various tempo's and close up's, the 'vintage chatty Cathy doll' advert from 1960 is symbolism for the two models in the film, they are unimpressed, static and bored with their surroundings almost as if this tea party is continuously reoccurring. The nature aspect relates to the title of the film and general design concept. Aside from the fashion film, a photo shoot demonstrated my design in stills, the design concept was inspired by Shona Heath's landscape work. Time-lapse excerpts of nature in metamorphosis and decomposition highlight the authenticity of nature in our consumer world.

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