Over a year ago, our friend Brandon Grissom’s father passed away in a tragic accident. The struggle and pain of that experience formed the basis of his album “Kingdom Come” which includes the song EMPTY. We immediately loved the song and developed a surreal music video concept telling a story of death, pain, the fear that exists in a life lived in empty religion and the hope offered by the holy spirit in the midst of an uncertain world.

Most of the work we do requires a single, clear "message." Its not often we can create something around the topic of faith and allow the audience to ask "What does it mean?" This project is unique in the fact that it was an intentional opportunity for us to break out of that box and create something that is much more abstract and open to interpretation. Art as opposed to commercial.

In this personal project, executed in our free time over the period of several months, our team hoped to capture the feeling of a country-western period piece, set in 1930’s Dust Bowl Oklahoma. Storms. Weathered rustic structures. Sepia tones. The bread-basket of America fallen into hard times. A comforting Spirit leads a dead man on a journey through his past, revealing moments of pain and the promise of a life to come.

Special thanks to all our friends who gave so generously of their time and resources to help create this piece. We owe you one.

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