A series of short films I made for Sky News back in 2003. Not sure how many now but I think 18? Most are here and on Volume 1

I shot and directed them. This was also my first experience with Avid. The producer was Julie Weight. We made these all on our own and were left to our own devices. It was a huge challenge coming up with new ways for people to do monologues visually. Very hard work. This was what set me on the path to real creativity and thinking in different ways.

Looking at them now, would I do things differently? Of course but I am proud of these and consider it was 10 years ago and this my first non-news thing I had done I think it was pretty successful. In fact I was BAFTA shortlisted for this. Very flattering.

Shot on Betacam SX. This is a transfer from a DVD. I hope to get access t a BETA player soon so I can access the edit master which is on Digi Beta.

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